Natural fur + exotic embroidery: 10 fur coats from Blood&Honey

July 17, 2018

The capsule collection of the fur brand Blood&Honey is inspired by travels around the world. Each element represents its own corner of the planet from the Far East to Africa and Ukraine.

The Blood&Honey collection is built around fur coats, whose silhouettes and ornaments are a reference to traditional clothing from different parts of the world. For example, an ultra-violet kimono with a rose quartz collar and cuffs is decorated with a flower pattern typical of Japan, and a black kimono is decorated with traditional Chinese embroidery with the image of a dragon.

Creating fur coats, they used elements of Ukrainian embroidery, middle Eastern and African ornaments. The combination of bold colors is a tribute to ancient and modern world cultures.

All items are created manually using a variety of embroidery techniques. It takes about a month of work to make one garment. Blood & Honey uses natural mink, rex, rabbit and lama fur in their collections, which is purchased at leading Scandinavian auctions.

Among Blood&Honey admirers: Beyonce, leandra Medin, Winnie Harlow, Gisele Oliviera, Nikki Taylor, Deandra Forest and others.

The cost of Blood&Honey fur coats is from 250,000 to 400,000 rubles. And we told you about the main spring collection of the brand here.

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