Unexpected opinion: faux fur coats harm nature more than natural ones

October 24, 2018

A few years ago, a real war was declared on natural fur: designers stopped using it and stars considered it their duty to wear eco-fur coats and teach others. However, perhaps they all jumped to conclusions. According to a recent research, faux fur can be dangerous to the environment.

Thanks to modern technologies, sometimes, faux fur coats can’t be distinguished from natural ones. It also can be light, fluffy, and very soft to the touch. This is what eco-activists and animal defenders focus on. According to them, the animals remain intact, and the conscience is clear.

An increasing number of fashion brands are joining this trend, which means that wearing a faux fur coat becomes not only noble, but also fashionable!

However, not everyone is so optimistic. Journalists of the Yahoo portal quote the words of a group of environmentalists who note that most of the alternative fur is made of materials containing plastic. Experts also add that these synthetic fibers are not capable of biodegradation, and their service life is much shorter than things made of leather and natural fur.

Mail Online gives statistics according to which ethical consumers tend to buy more affordable polyester and acrylic analogues of fur products, which cause much more damage to the environment than we all think.

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