Alena Akhmadullina x Snow Queen general collection 2019

November 18, 2019

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Is faux fur a more responsible choice? Is it ethical to use natural fur? Let's try to find out what world designers think in our project.

On one hand, fashion houses refuse collections with natural fur; Michael Kors, Alessandro Michele and Donatella Versace have already joined the fur free movement. Even Tom Ford and Olivier Rousteing are gradually switching to faux eco-materials. Although until recently, it was hard to imagine their eccentric collections without natural fur –an attribute of a truly luxurious life. On the other hand, it is quite not clear whether switching to faux fur will be the only correct solution.

Silvia Venturini- Fendi, creative Director of Fendi, doesn't think so: "I think this is an important question, but where does the line go? You stop using fur, but continue to wear leather and eat meat?"

Yves Salomon, the Creator of the famous fur house of the same name, continues this idea. "The main problem of our planet today is plastic! And I think it's more important to solve this issue than to argue about natural furs... We stand for freedom of choice. And we protect craft traditions. You can't just throw the history and art of fur work into the Hudson or the Seine."

Indeed, most of the faux fur is a variation of polyester, fibers which are created as a result of oil refining

This is an extremely toxic process and can’t be considered environmentally friendly.

Also, do not forget that faux fur is not ready yet for low temperatures. 

"We live in a Northern country where fur products are necessary for life," explains Alena Akhmadullina, who continues to work with natural fur in her collections. – "As a material, fur has incomparable characteristics and opens up new opportunities that differ from working with fabric."

The indisputable argument in favor of natural fur is its durability. Buying not only a beautiful, but also a high-quality fur coat made of natural fur, you can wear it for years. Therefore, the choice of the suitable model should be approached especially carefully, without agreeing to compromises. 

Perfect options can be found in the general collection of Alena Akhmadullina and Snow Queen (fur brand). Teaming up with the famous fur house, the designer presented the perfect collection of outerwear using natural fur for every taste and budget: from goat and sheepskin to fox fur and auction mink. Here you find the colorful coat in style patchwork in unexpected mono colors and feminine coat with fur trim.

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