What precious furs should be worn in the new season?

December 17, 2019

How the Helen Yarmak brand embodied everything associated with luxury.

The photo of the Governor, who supports the ban of the natural fur products, with his wife in a fur coat – the first thing that Elena Yarmak shows before the interview. The "sincerity" of such eco-activists speaks for itself.

Elena, who holds a PhD in mathematics, can not be denied her analytical abilities. In the nearly twenty-five years that the Helen Yarmak brand has existed, she has accumulated experience that allows her to maintain confidence even with the current news agenda. 

Natural fur gives you an incomparable peace and comfort. In the wardrobe of discerning adherents of luxury, hanger with outerwear is occupied by sables, foxes and chinchillas with a white Tulip on the lining. This secret code of Helen Yarmak is a reference to the Tulip mania that swept through the Netherlands in the XVII century. Bulbs of white flowers were worth their weight in gold at that time.

Helen Yarmak: When we started in the 1990s, the Russians wanted to buy everything from the storefront – they went in total-look of foreign brands, so that everyone instantly read that they were dressed very expensive. Today, not everyone wants this – our clients trust their own and our taste and make their own decisions, says Elena.

Fashion is the fastest way to communicate

All Helen Yarmak furs are bought at the auction. The unique technology allows you to tie the reverse side of a perfectly smooth canvas so that each coat can be turned out and worn with fur inside, as it did the tsars. 

Helen Yarmak: Fashion is one of the fastest ways to communicate. Our products reflect our philosophy, says Elena.

Customer loyalty is the best motivation for inventing something new. For example, the brand makes transformer coats.

Helen Yarmak: "Some models assume about thirty-five options, and we are responsible for the self-sufficiency of each. The peculiarity of our coats is that they are difficult to suspect designers", says Helena. 

Customers of Helen Yarmak often fly and are very grateful for the elegant solution to the problem of a suitcase that usually does not fit anything.

Helen Yarmak: Our brand has collectors, some of them already have more than two hundred of our garments. The biggest challenge for us is to constantly surprise these people, she admits. 

Recently, Helen Yarmak released silk handkerchiefs-look books and especially for collectors – handkerchiefs with their collections. Another novelty is jewelry boxes with a magnifying glass and a special light. Now one glance is enough to choose the appropriate decoration for your mood or you can just admire-the energy of the stones that is so powerful that it turns into a kind of meditation. Yes, the brand is associated with luxury lifestyle and produces everything from jewelry with exceptional precious stones to bags for hand Luggage.

Cashmere and feathers are Helen Yarmak's answer to eco-agenda. In the new season collection, sables, foxes, chinchillas, sheepskin coats are combined with two-sided sports suits made of cashmere, coats made of unpainted baby cashmere and vicuna, and shortened fur coats made of ostrich feathers. 

Helen Yarmak: All things should be like a second skin, says Elena. 

Light, but very warm cashmere coats-dressing gowns are absolutely weightless, and thin stoles can be passed through the ring, as the French empresses used to do, checking the quality of the yarn. This handkerchief will easily fit into a clutch and save you on a cool evening.

The quality has been appreciated by politicians, Hollywood actresses and rappers. Their numerous pictures in Helen Yarmak furs adorn the walls of the corridor of the brand's headquarters. 

Helen Yarmak: But the main influencers for us are not the stars, but our collectors. We are for freedom of choice, she sums up.

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