Who among Russian celebrities does not support the trend for faux fur coats and continues to wear natural fur

February 12, 2020

For celebrities, natural fur is not a luxury, but a way of self-expression. Walking in a fur coat made of mink, arctic fox, chinchilla or even lynx is an occasion to show your status and superiority. And if some stars follow the global trend by refusing animal fur, others do not hesitate to position themselves as real "cougar".

Bozhena Rynska is a controversial journalist and an ardent oppositionist. When she is fighting at rallies for the "welfare" of the country's population, she does not forget to put on natural furs. Of course, Bozhena does not have the opportunity to flaunt sables, but she had enough money for a new mink coat. In that coat she appeared at the rally in Moscow, held on Chistye Prudy.

Oksana Lavrentieva works in the fashion industry, she has her own brand and understands the latest trends. Therefore, she knows a lot about the choice of natural fur. Recently, the guest of fashionable parties prefers colored fur coats. So, she was seen in a cropped bright blue model.

No one likes natural fur as much as TV presenter Victoria Bonya. Despite the fact that the TV star spends most of her time in Monaco and other European countries, where there is no special cold weather, she regularly shows off new clothes made of mink, karakul and fabulously expensive sable to her subscribers in Instagram.

Her collection is constantly being updated. Not so long ago, she bought another new coat of noble cream color knee-length, as well as a short coat of chinchilla, but said that she has dreamed of wearing lynx fur.

Alena Shishkova has never hidden her love for natural fur coats. Before she advertised products of various brands, now it has its own. Alena is proud of her collection, which includes parkas with fur linings and more than a dozen original fur coats made of rabbit and raccoon, but the real pearl is a long black fox fur coat worth hundreds of thousands rubles.

In everyday life, Shishkova prefers shortened fur versions of mink or chinchilla with sneakers and leather skinny jeans. There are also models from the popular multi-colored fur in her wardrobe.

Socialite Maria Pogrebnyak is not shy about her attachment to natural fur coats. She explains this too small weight and weak frost resistance, in which only the warm fur of a fox or mink will help.

Not so long ago, Maria showed subscribers of Instagram a luxurious black fur coat made of natural fur. Everything would be fine, but the photo was taken in September, and the celebrity's feet were not boots at all, but high-heeled shoes.

Victoria Lopyreva often appears at social parties in fur capes. Recently, she fell in love with the trend for dyed fur. The star did not hesitate for a long time and purchased several models of multi-colored fur products. One of them looked quite modest, the second resembled a lush evening dress with a floor-length hem.

Lena Leninа never tires of shocking the audience with harsh statements. So, in one of her articles, she compared the purchase of a fur coat with a demonstration of her status. According to the writer, just the Tsarina can be satisfied with a mink, but the True Tsarina must have a sable or chinchilla in her wardrobe. Her wardrobe is reallyfilled with fur products of various models and colors from the most expensive brands.

Olga Buzova is also don't mind showing off in natural fur coats. Most often, the singer and TV presenter prefers to combine long fur products with evening dresses, but in everyday life she chooses short fur coats, which she combines with democratic sneakers and jeans.

Model Anastasia Reshetova prefers to buy fur coats in the summer. She regularly informs her followers about this in social networks. By the way, the girl's passion for natural fur is strongly condemned by her fans. And, if earlier Anastasia tried to follow the trend and choose a faux materials, now she wears only original natural garments.

Alena Vodonaeva not only loves animal fur, but earns money from it. She does not disdain to advertise Moscow stores that sell products made of arctic foxes, minks and chinchillas. In the ad post, the model can not decide whether to choose a light fur coat or a pinkish fur coat. Subscribers of Vodonaeva in Instagram  noted that the furs, of course, go to Alena, but they still look better on the animals from which they were removed.

The wife of the rapper Dzhigan Oksana Samoylova  follows Buzova's example in everything. 

Recently, she has been increasingly noticed in elongated natural fur coats over luxurious evening dresses.

Anastasia Volochkova (ballerina) does not change the favorite model of fur coats-kimonos in tandem with flared jeans. Despite the uniform style, the products in the ballerina's wardrobe differ in colors. Some followers note that due to the addiction to such clothes, Nastya can not get out of the dashing 90's.

Yana Rudkovskaya has never shown her interest in natural fur coats. For her, it is more important to always be in the trend than to chase the ghostly luxury of fur. However, not so long ago, the star still decided to experiment and put on a fashionable fur coat of ash-blue shade.

Svetlana Loboda regularly walks fur products from the most expensive brands of various styles and colors. She allows her appearance at a concert in the middle of a hot summer in a fur coat made of lynx fur. For a long time, the social network was debating whether this fur coat is natural and costs millions of rubles.

Designers are inclined to believe that Svetlana's concert outfit is made of fur taken from the belly of a lynx, and the price for it is sky-high. The lightweight product is sewn in the dissolution and when folded, it easily fits into a lady's purse.

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