Russian traditions in the new collection of the Italian House Braschi

December 28, 2020

The new Braschi collection was created in collaboration with the Russian Auction Company "Sojuzpushnina", which is the oldest auction for the sale of exclusive Russian sable fur. The company regularly offers fur from various parts of Russia in a wide variety of colors and shades. Chocolate, caramel, Golden — in addition to natural shades in the collection of the Italian brand, you can also find a rich blue.

The collection was created from sable fur in collaboration with the Auction Company "Sojuzpushnina". They were paid tribute and duty in Russia. You could buy a big house for it. It was called soft gold and fur money. For many hundreds of years, it was considered an indicator of wealth and high position in society. We are talking about one of the main treasures of Russia — sable fur. The Italian fashion House Braschi has dedicated a new collection of fur coats to him, which will fit into the everyday and evening wardrobe.

In Russia, sable fur is an asset no less valuable than gold. Centuries-old revenues from its exports are comparable to the sale of oil and gas abroad — nowhere is there such a high-quality fur as the fur of the Russian sable: it is considered the most eco-friendly, beautiful, light, soft and warm in the world. Another equally important advantage is its wear resistance — the product made of sable fur will last you at least 14 years with active wear.

All over the world, sable fur is loved for its amazing ability to emphasize the natural beauty of its owner. Wearing a sable fur coat, a woman feels more confident, and therefore more attractive. This is a luxurious material that will transform even the simplest everyday set-your favorite jeans and a white t-shirt combined with a sable fur coat have a chance to become the most spectacular outfit at the party.

The campaign of the new Braschi collection clearly traces the traditions of Russian fashion — the sable fur coat here is in harmony with scarlet and gold, lush bows and lace collars, shawls and earflaps-from the same sable fur. Take a closer look at these fashionable looks and add your favorite accessories-a spectacular frame, a wide belt and warm high boots - your non-boring basic wardrobe for the winter is ready.

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