Sales results of May auction

May 18, 2021

May, 12-14

Sales results of joint international fur auction «Auction Company «Sojuzpushnina» and Baikal Auction Company «Russian Sable».

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TOP LOT of sable wild raw was bought by broker Alexander Tseikovich for the Fashion House «Anna Kaminskaia» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) at 1000 USD per skin.

(in the photo: Vladimir Klimentev, Anna Kaminskaia​, Elena Shmatova)

The Fur Atelier of Anna Kaminskaia is 5 years old, located in the Saint-Petersburg. The company works with the most demanding clients, sew original fur garments from the best fur of sable, marten, mink, lynx and swakara.


In the past season Sojuzpushnina demonstrated substantial growth in provided volumes as offering of wild sable skins on our auction compared with January 2020 increased 70%.

91% of the collection of wild sable was sold with average price up 15% compared to February auction. Farm sable was also sold with a 16% increase to February 2021.

About 100 buyers took part in the auction. Increased interest facilitated competitive demand for the offered lots. The majority of the skins were purchased by firms from China, Greece, Italy, Russia and Turkey.

The results of the May auction, the high percentage of sales and the achieved price level involve further development of the sable business in the next season.

Auction Company «Sojuzpushnina» and Baikal Auction Company «Russian Sable» thanks all buyers for participation at the auction.


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