Top Lot of 216th auction

December 22, 2021

Top Lot of farm sable raw was bought by P.J.Zeitlin International (Yulia Tyutrina expert ) for the company «QUEENS FUR», Ukraine at 1200 Euro per skin.

(in the photo: Elena Shmatova, Yulia Tyutrina and Vitaliy Ivanidi)

Queens Fur 

The success of the Queens Fur company is a collaboration of modern production, laboratory design and the high-quality raw materials and the best dressing. Royal furs and an individual approach, including fuller shape are the secrets of VIP. High service and a large selection of ready-made models are available in brand stores in Dnipro and Kyiv.

A pleasant, concise online service for international clients is possible via Instagram: @Queens_Fur , @Queens.Fur



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