Sales results of 225 International Fur Auction

February 20, 2024


 of the joint collection Auction company «Sojuzpushnina»

 and Baikal Auction Company «Russian Sable»

February 14 - 17, 2024

TOP LOT of SABLE WILD of 225 international fur auction was bought by company Renaissance Sobol Boutique (Moscow, Russia) at price 1200,00 USD per skin.

The sales results of the February international fur auction exceeded all expectations. A higher level of prices and almost 100% of the sale of the sable collection again, after the December 2023 auction, confirmed the growing demand for sable skins at the international fur market. The buying leaders are firms from China and Russia, with support by Italy and Greece. The auction was attended not only by large fur firms, traditionally engaged in sable, but also by new companies that are just starting to work with this kind of fur.

At the upcoming auction in May 2024, AC «Sojuzpushnina» is planning to prepare and provide for sale a similar and no less interesting collection of sable skins in terms of quantity and assortment.

Auction company «Sojuzpushnina» and Baikal Auction Company «Russian Sable» thanks all buyers and suppliers for support and participating in the February 2024 auction and invites you to take part in the upcoming auction, which will be held from 12 to 15 May, 2024.

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